Social Media

Social media connects business to people. It changes a B2B and B2C company into B2P: Business to People. By connecting directly to individuals, companies are able to influence, inspire, motivate and understand their target audiences.

Amadeus Digital helps companies craft meaningful social strategies to connect companies with their fans. The benefits of using social media are to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with customers
  • Establish the company‚Äôs reputation and allow for improved customer service
  • Connect with communities and networks of relevant consumer audiences
  • Measure leads and sales generated through social media channels
  • Grow business and drive sales

What can social media do for you?

The use of social media depends on your goals as a company. In addition to helping drive leads, it also has the potential to benefit your:

  • Marketing Reach
  • Company Reputation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Customer Service
  • Data Reporting

Social media marketing gives your company new avenues for building your brand and for gathering new leads and business opportunities. Amadeus Digital provides assistance in designing, managing and reporting for social media campaigns. Amadeus Digital also specializes in advanced reporting and analytics for social media campaigns that can provide the necessary link between your social media activities and an increase in business, reputation, reach, and influence.

Does social media work?

Amadeus Digital helps businesses design and manage social media marketing campaigns. We also go deeper and provide the data and analysis to attribute social media marketing effort to business goals and results.

Our data-centric approach helps ensure that we are helping you meet your business goals.


Social Media Testimonals


Jenny Cargile

Jenny Cargile

Owner / Movement Madness

Blackbird Media has done a tremendous job at making Movement Madness a local leader in social media marketing! We have been able to increase our market reach and top-of-mind-awareness campaigns. I would confidently recommend Blackbird Media to assist other businesses in turning social media into an effective set of marketing tools!

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson

Manager / Parks and Rec

We had the pleasure of working with Blackbird Media. They successfully carried our overall branding and advertising onto the social media platforms. We absolutely recommend Blackbird Media to anyone interested in effectively using social media to increase their market reach, and to create meaningful customer relationships!